Stay happy.


The Scooby Shack offers a unique and progressive approach to caring for dogs. We offer CAGE-FREE dog daycare and dog boarding services with 24/7 care. This means your pup can play with his or her friends ALL DAY LONG!


New Clients - Call to Schedule a Free Daycare Assessment!


At The Scooby Shack, our overnight dog boarding guests enjoy all the comforts your furry family member deserves. Let your dog spend the night with friends and enjoy 24/7 care from our staff.


We have a private room dedicated to cat boarding. Each cat gets a condo to sleep in and they can spend the day exploring and playing in our open cat room.


The Scooby Shack is a safe and engaging place for your dog to socialize, exercise, and have tons of fun. Every new pack member must pass a comprehensive behavioral assessment and demonstrate balanced-play.


The Scooby Shack offers training solutions for all pet parents. Dogs of all ages & breeds respond to our balanced, positive-focused training methods. We customize training programs just for you and your dog!


Our experienced dog groomers use premium products and always strive to keep your pup safe & happy. We offer full-service grooms and breed-specific haircuts. Call to schedule an appointment.

Man playing guitar for the group of dogs


The Scooby Shack was founded in 2011 with a vision to create a stress-free environment where dogs could come to hang out and have fun! The staff are all passionate about giving exceptional care and enriching the lives of each dog that walks through our door. The Scooby Shack has one of the largest outdoor spaces available and attracts friendly and fun-loving pet parents and well-balanced dogs. We look forward to each new dog that joins our pack and discovering more ways to have fun and provide a wonderful life for your pet!