Dog Daycare

Fun Dog Daycare in Lake Oswego

If you worry about your dog while you are away at work or you just want your dog to have a fun day of play with his or her best friends, then you should bring your dog for doggie daycare at The Scooby Shack. Your pet will get tons of play, socialization and attention each day. Our dog daycare program is designed to be worry free by being cage free and fully supervised by our experienced and knowledgeable staff.

Three dogs running through the yard

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Safe & Fun Dog Daycare Program at The Scooby Shack

Our daycare program is operated with the highest standards of safety and doggie fun!

  • Cage-free and all-day play for maximum fun and minimal stress
  • Staff is thoroughly trained in industry-best group play practices, and groups are supervised 100% of the time
  • All outdoor yards are securely fenced and gated
  • Dogs love our super fun playground equipment including the one-of-a-kind The Scooby Shack truck
  • In the summer, we break out the kiddie pools and sprinklers for a splash of fun in the sun!
  • Guests love our special doggie events, from holiday celebrations to private birthday parties
  • All dogs must pass a strict behavioral assessment

Dog Daycare Rates

Base Daycare Rates

  • Full Day (5 - 12 hours) - $37
  • Half Day (up to 5 hours) - $29
  • Drop-N-Shop (1-2 hours) - $12/hr
  • 15% Discount for second dog in the same household

Full Day Packages

  • 5 Day - $180 ($36/day)
  • 10 Day - $350 ($35/day)
  • 20 Day - $660 ($33/day)

Half Day Packages

  • 5 Day - $140 ($28/day)
  • 10 Day - $270 ($27/day)
  • 20 Day - $500 ($25/day)

The Benefits of Dog Daycare at The Scooby Shack

Doggie daycare is a unique resource that offers immeasurable benefits to dogs and their pet parents. It’s a fully-supervised place that engages a dog both mentally & physically while strengthening their social skills. Veterinarians and pet care professionals agree that daycare is the best way for your furry friend to stay stimulated & exercised while you’re away.

Stimulation for the Mind & Body. Dogs need exercise and entertainment to stay at their happiest & healthiest. Doggie daycare provides constructive stimulation in a secure environment to ensure you have a sleepy, happy pup at the end of your own busy day.

It Prevents Boredom. Dogs can grow bored when left alone for long periods of time. A bored canine can find lots of things in a house to keep him occupied, like chewing on furniture, shoes and barking excessively. Daycare is a super fun and safe solution to this common canine challenge.

Dogs Need Socialization. Because of their social nature, dogs benefit greatly from socialization. Studies show properly socialized dogs are more confident and overall better-behaved. Doggie daycare is the ideal environment for dogs to play with other dogs (and humans!) under the supervision of highly-trained staff.

Happy dog with its head out of the car window