Dog Training

Our Balanced Approach to Dog Training

The Scooby Shack’s certified dog trainers have experience in various proven and positive-focused dog training methods at our Lake Oswego facility. This allows our trainers to assess your dog’s individual situation and provide effective training. We have programs designed specifically for puppies and training solutions to help pet parents with common problems with dogs of all ages.

Our comprehensive system is designed for three major objectives:

  • Teach your dog to respond to verbal commands
  • Teach you and your family how to maintain & even improve your dog’s behaviors at home
  • Provide training tools and ongoing support to ensure lasting results
Training a dog to shake hands

Call For A Free Dog Training Evaluation

Discount subject to availability and cannot be combined with any other offers. Applies to first-time dog training clients only.

Our Comprehensive Dog Training Programs

Dog with a leash in its mouth

Puppy School Puppy Training Program

Enroll your puppy in our program that is designed to socialize and train your pup to set them up to succeed! With a limited number of spots, your pup gets the attention that they need. Dogs ages 3 months - 9 months are eligible. They play and rest in a separate area dedicated to puppies. The program includes play time and appropriate social manners, basic obedience training, and enrichment activities. Hours are from 8AM - 4PM (early drop off and later pickup can be arranged) Weekly reports are shared with parents and a private lesson is included at the conclusion of each program.

Puppy Basics Level 1 $550

This four week program requires a commitment to bring your pup three days a week (i.e. Monday, Wednesday, Friday). We will work on building confidence, potty training, crate training, “sit”, “down”, and loose leash walking.

Puppy Headstart Level 2 $650

We offer a four week program with commitments of three days a week OR a six week program with commitments of two days a week. The curriculum includes appropriate play styles and greetings, “heel”, “place”, “stay”, “off”, “leave it”, “quiet”, “come”.

*Requires Puppy Basics Level 1 to be completed

Man petting a dark brown labrador retriever

Play & Train Dog Training Program

Daycare plus one-on-one training sessions (two per day) each visit. There is feedback and communication with each parent throughout the week(s) and a private lesson at the end of the program. Each dog is required to be in daycare between 9AM and 3PM. We currently do not offer solutions for aggression or severe anxiety.

Three Week Program $550

Requires a commitment of two days per week for three weeks. We can work on 2-3 things such as “sit”, “down”, “stay”, “heel”, and “off.”

Six Week Program $995

Requires a commitment of two days per week for six weeks. We can work on 3-5 things including off-leash commands, destructive behaviors, distractions and advanced skills.

Training a dog to jump for a treat

Private Dog Training Lessons

Private lessons available on request at the facility. No house visits. Give us a call to talk about our Private Dog Training Lessons.

Benefits of Dog Training at The Scooby Shack

Dog Training provides the following benefits to you and your dog:

  • Establishes a positive relationship between you and your pet
  • Reduces family stress
  • Reduces home and personal belonging damage
  • Helps establish good habits and behaviors
  • Eliminates excessive barking and destructive behavior such as chewing
  • Stops your dog from pulling on the leash and jumping up
  • Teaches your dog to come when called